Beach Volleyball

Charleston Academy is excited to announce our inaugural beach volleyball season.

Our beach program will differ from others in the area in that we will play both an internal schedule like the rest and but also be playing Beach National Qualifiers (BNQ) and Beach Regional Qualifiers (BRQ) similar to our indoor program. 

The program will be open to boys and girls, ages 11-18 and divisions of play are 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U.  Sessions will take place at the Park West Pavilion Wednesdays starting April 10.  We will seek to hold beach sessions on Wednesday while indoor season is going on and twice per week as time permits once indoor season is over.

Charleston Academy will cover costs for Nationals for teams that qualify for those events.

The schedule can be seen here and is subject to change check it often or the app.


  1. Players must be a USA Volleyball member for insurance purposes (Step 1).
  2. If you are not a Charleston Academy Gold Member, you will need to sign up for the Beach Gold Membership (Step 2).
  3. Players with an existing indoor club must have a release from their club director  to play beach with Charleston Academy (Step 3). Discussions/request must be made through the club directors only, by contacting the current club director to notify them of interest in moving. This club director will contact the other club director.  Request to be released for movement to another club during the season must be done in writing via email to club directors only, and copy the region.  Have it in writing.


Step 1

You must join as a USA Volleyball member for insurance purposes. 

You may join here.

Step 2

You must join our Player Development Program. 

You may join here.

Step 3 (if required)

You must be released by the club director of your indoor club to play for Charleston Academy Beach. 

The Palmetto Region Process is here.