Charleston Academy Announces Partnership with Crews Chevrolet

Charleston, SC – Charleston Academy today announced an exclusive automotive partnership with Crews Chevrolet.  As part of the partnership, Crews Chevrolet corporate branding will appear on select Charleston Academy official team gear.

“We are excited to be supported by such a great local partner that supports our community and Charleston Academy’s development of young athletes striving to compete on the national stage.   We have always sought to align ourselves with strong brand partners and you don’t get any stronger than a great American brand like Chevrolet.  We truly appreciate the support of Crews Chevrolet and their team who make people’s dream of car ownership happen every day,” noted Jaime Shamis, Club Director of Charleston Academy.

“As an avid supporter of local groups and organizations, Crews Chevrolet saw this partnership as a great opportunity to help young ladies achieve their goals as athletes. We are excited to watch this talented group grow in their abilities and look forward to a great season,” said Scott Milroth, Sales Manager at Crews Chevrolet.

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About Charleston Academy
Charleston Academy is currently a division of Sport Venture Group.  Its mission is to develop players to the highest international standard, which will allow their teams to challenge for national titles making the club a nationally recognized brand.  The club started with volleyball in 2018 and expects to add Basketball in 2019 and Soccer in 2020.

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