Charleston Academy Awarded 2019 Small Club of the Year

Charleston, SC – The Palmetto Volleyball Association, an affiliated region of USA Volleyball, today announced that Charleston Academy has been named the Small Club of the Year for the 2019 season.  The award was chosen by a region committee from members who remitted clubs for consideration.

“This is a tremendous honor to be acknowledged in our inaugural season by the region committee which has recognized the efforts of everyone involved in launching and supporting Charleston Academy.  Although our mission is to play a national schedule, we love being part of the Palmetto Volleyball Association and competing with our fellow members.  The region level of competition is rising year over year.  We look forward to continuing to grow our club in the region, watch the region continue to develop and supporting the region’s future initiatives,” noted Club Director Jaime Shamis.

Also, congratulations to others recognized which were: Group 1 (130+ members) Low Country, Lake Murray (honorable mention); Group 2 (70-130 members) A Town, Excel (honorable mention); Group 3 (30-70 members) FCA, Club South NS (honorable mention), and Group 4 (29- members) Charleston Academy, Seaside (honorable mention). 

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About Palmetto Volleyball Association
The Palmetto Volleyball Association is an affiliated region of USA Volleyball, operating as a non-profit and non-government supported organization. The Palmetto Region shares the goals and philosophies of USAV while focusing on our specific mission to grow and improve the sport of volleyball in the state of South Carolina. Our teams include Adult and Junior teams for boys, girls, men and women. Our sanctioned events include indoor and outdoor tournaments for junior boys and girls teams, running from December through July.

About Charleston Academy
Charleston Academy is currently a division of Sport Venture Group.  Its mission is to develop players to the highest international standard, which will allow their teams to challenge for national titles making the club a nationally recognized brand.  The club started with volleyball in 2019 season and expects to add Basketball in 2020 season and Soccer in 2021 season.

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