Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section is provided to answer the most frequently asked questions (faq) about Charleston Academy.  We will endeavor to keep this section updated with new questions as they arise in the community.  We seek to be open and transparent about our mission.

  1. Who is Charleston Academy?
    Charleston Academy was founded by Sport Venture Group which is a sport investment and holding company founded by a multigenerational family office to invest, hold and manage their various multisport interests. Sport Venture Group also founded a related affiliate company called Sport RE (Real Estate) that will drive the real estate related investments Charleston Academy will use to operate in.
  2. Why did Sport Venture Group start this club?
    Sport Venture Group is invested in various sporting projects.  One particular project is called Sport RE which focuses on creating sport destinations.  This could be a mega Sport Park, a Sport Mall, Sport Tower, Sport Dome or Micro Sport Dome used as a staging site.  This isn’t a typical youth sport club, its backed by a multitiered sport real estate investment created to create community economic impact and multiple revenue streams around the club that in turn support the club long term.  This concept is created and planned to scale out to 10+ sites nationwide.
  3. Where will you first facility be?
    Our first facility, some variant of a Sport Tower, Sport Dome or Micro Sport Dome, will be near Mount Pleasant.  We will announce both the site selection and our interim training location in the near future.
  4. What is your mission?
    Our mission is to develop players to the highest international standard, which will allow their teams to challenge for national titles making the club a nationally recognized brand.
  5. Why train to an international standard?
    We feel its important for players to understand who they are competing against to reach their goals.  If that’s becoming a pro player, a national team player or even a college player then they are facing players from around the world for those opportunities.  In most developed countries, players make the decision to sign pro contracts at the age of 16; those that don’t go pro are viable candidates for college programs.  If you are not prepared to compete at that level you are not prepared to earn a spot on a top college team.
  6. What are floating rosters?
    We realize some parents and players might not understand this at first, but once explained it makes sense.  We do not adhere to the idea that a player tries out for a club team in the Fall and is locked into that team for the whole season.  Our players will try out for an age group and compete each week for a spot on the first team.  We are preparing players for the next level.  If they cannot compete with 20 players in their own age group, how will they compete against 30 players across multiple age groups in college?  Every single college coach we have spoken to believes in this because its what they live daily!
  7. How do you plan to compete for national titles?
    We will play in every USAV Open Qualifier possible.  This includes our own region tournament that is a national qualifier.  Our goal is qualifying for nationals annually.  This will help establish the club brand recognition nationally.
  8. What tournaments will teams play in?
    We released our tournament schedule in July.  These tournaments are subject to change based on acceptance and potential availability of other tournaments.  2019 is somewhat of an interrupted schedule as Big South’s dates changed which in turn caused the change/conflict with other events.
  9. Why is the club becoming a nationally recognized brand helpful?
    When college coaches go to scout players, they look for the consistent top programs playing at the highest level.  If you are not one of those top programs, you had better at least be playing against them.  Our mission is to be one of those top clubs and until we are we will compete against them every chance we get.
  10. Who are your staff?
    Jaime Shamis who has a corporate finance background and has coached for 10+ years in Charleston and Chicago is our current Club Director as well as the Managing Director of Women’s Sport at Sport Venture Group.  She is supported by the back office staff of Sport Venture Group and an Advisory Board we will announce soon.  We may appoint a new Club Director in due course,  but we are building a top shelf staff of both corporate and volleyball experienced members.  This requires a process of publishing positions, screening them and making offers.  We are appointing full time positions of Director of Volleyball, Technical Director, Head of Sport Performance, Head Coaches for each age group, NCAA Recruiting/Compliance Director, Technical Analyst and Content Creator.  We will also be appointing part time Assistant Volleyball Coaches.
  11. What is the role of the Technical Director?
    The Technical Director will be responsible for assisting the Club Director and Director of Volleyball in creating and implementing the club’s training methodology and values with our Head and Assistant Coaches.  They will NOT coach a team, they will coach the coaches.
  12. What is the role of the Head of Sport Performance?
    The Head of Sport Performance will be responsible for making sure our players are physically and mentally prepared for competition.  This includes injury prevention, post match/event recovery and injury recovery programs.  We will allow community players to participate in our Sport Performance program.
  13. What is the role of the NCAA Recruiting/Compliance Director?
    The NCAA Recruiting/Compliance Director will be responsible for making sure all staff, parents and players are aware of NCAA compliance rules and regulations.  They will also be the interface between NCAA Coaches/staff who seek to express an interest in players prior to the period they are allowed to contact parents or players directly in their Junior Year of high school.
  14. When do you plan to appoint these positions?
    We are conducting first interviews in August, second interviews, making offers and publishing announcements in September and expect staff to start October 1.
  15. This sounds expensive, how much will parents have to pay?
    Sport Venture Group is subsidizing this to start to keep costs inline with what parents are paying now in the area for travel teams until our facilities come online and we can effectively build out the rest of our business model of community based programs.
  16. Who are your partners?
    We have several partners now and expect to add more in the future.  Our current partners are:

    1. adidas – Sport Venture Group’s owners have a long standing relationship with both the brand and the founding family of adidas.  We announced a multi-year “all-in” agreement with adidas in July.
    2. Hudl – We entered an agreement with Hudl to provide video and statistical services for all our teams at every level in July.
    3. Drivn – We entered an agreement with Drivn to provide our club its own private label custom app for staff, parents and players in July.
  17. What does an “all-in” agreement mean with adidas?
    It means that all staff, coaches and players must wear adidas at all official club functions (training, travel, matches, tournaments, events, etc.) at all times.  We will provide the staff, coaches and players with all the equipment (jerseys, warmups, bags, knee pads, shoes, etc.) as part of their membership which will be theirs to keep.  Any items lost must be replaced immediately through the official club store.
  18. What is the membership program?
    As a community based club, we seek to improve the game in the area and not just at our club.  As many clubs charge a fee to tryout with no additional value, we will be providing ongoing value to our members even if they don’t play for our club.  When you join our membership program your tryout fee is included along with an adidas club t-shirt, a discount code to our online store for adidas and USAV merchandise, the opportunity to participate in community club events we host and more.
  19. What events will you be hosting?
    In November, we have announced we will host Gold Medal Squared™ which is comprised of member of the USA Volleyball (USAV) National Team Staff.
    In December, we will be hosting an invitational event that will be announced in September.
  20. When are tryouts?
    Tryouts will be the week of October 20-27, 2018, but more details will be announced soon.

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