Head Volleyball Coach

  • Full Time
  • Charleston, SC
  • This position has been filled

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We are seeking head coaches to establish our club as a national championship competitor at every level.  This position will be responsible for building a culture of values, understanding of what the standard is to be a nationally competitive club and training players from ages 10-18.  The position will report to the Technical Director and Club Director.  An ideal candidate will enable the club to build a culture of values and will have 4 years of college playing experience (preferably with youth or senior national team, international club team or at a nationally recognized program experience) and 3+ years of college coaching experience (preferably with some international club, national team or a nationally recognized program).

We are seeking an individual with a combination of skills and experience:

  • Playing Experience – 4 years of college playing experience minimum (preferably with youth or senior national team, international club team or at a nationally recognized program experience)
  • Coaching Experience – 3+ years of college coaching experience minimum (preferably with some international club, national team or a nationally recognized program)
  • Long-term experience coaching male and female volleyball athletes at various age levels
  • Strong, technical knowledge of the game for both females and males
  • National or International coaching certifications for indoor and beach would be preferred (Must be willing to pursue certifications upon hire).
  • Strong ability to train and mentor a wide variety of players, from entry-level through to experienced
  • Strong ability to collaborate with staff
  • Well known in the volleyball community and able to engage others to promote our technical development
  • Love for the game and a desire to continue to grow the sport

This is a hands-on role with a minimum level of administrative activities. Responsibilities will include:

  • Working with our Technical Director who oversees our technical program and complementary programs (physical training, mental training) to ensure we train the whole athlete
  • Reviewing and refining the technical skills syllabus used by the club and developing other coaching resources with Technical Director
  • Working with Club Director and Team Age Group Specialists to meet the required best practices standard of organization, administration, training, culture and values of the club.
    > this includes wearing only adidas products at all times in any official club facility and during any official club activity
    > this includes using official club systems, app(s) and other solutions
    > all staff will be trained to use and edit on hudl
    > all staff will communicate with players solely through Drivn
    > maintaining all assigned equipment
  • Attending executive, director, coach, player and parent meetings
  • Conducting coach and athlete skill clinics, recruiting guest coaches to assist
  • Assisting other coaches whose teams are competing in key events
  • Facilitating tryouts and team selections
  • Be willing to work and travel weekends and over holidays is a must
  • Be willing to attend tryouts on October 19 and November 9 (dates, times and location subject to change) and demonstrate your ability and interaction with players if so required by the company.

This is a paid position with benefits.  We reserve the right to offer compensation commensurate with skills, experience and certification level.

Position will start latest December 1 and is subject filling at least 10 players in the age group that best fits your skill and experience.

Base: $55,000.00 per year
Benefits, Bonus, Expenses (approved)