Charleston Academy Announces its Beach Program & Schedule

Charleston, SC – Charleston Academy today announced its Beach Volleyball Program and 2019 Beach Schedule.  In addition to its national USA Volleyball indoor schedule, players will have the opportunity to play a national and regional USA Beach Volleyball schedule as well.

“We have been planning this launch for nearly 18 months as part of our effort to diversify our programming and support the outdoor volleyball growth initiatives of the Palmetto Volleyball Association and USA Volleyball.  Beach is a great way to enhance your indoor game by providing yet more physical, technical and mental challenges to increase player development,” said Club Director Jaime Shamis.

Players will be organized into a local league that will compete on an individual point system and players can pair and will be paired up for Beach National Qualifiers (BNQ) and Beach Regional Qualifiers (BRQ) events.

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About Charleston Academy
Charleston Academy is currently a division of Sport Venture Group.  Its mission is to develop players to the highest international standard, which will allow their teams to challenge for national titles making the club a nationally recognized brand.  The club started with volleyball in 2019 season and expects to add Basketball in 2020 season and Soccer in 2021 season.

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