inc. supports sustaining and promoting a procurement and requisition environment based on the understanding that departments are in the best position to determine what they need to run their programs. Policies, procedures and processes are meant to support their need to get products and services in a timely and cost effective manner, while also making sure appropriate business processes are followed.

These policies will be updated regularly, so check this page before making requests.

In order to process payments, all vendors must do the following to be paid:

  1. For all services more than $600 total per annum, a W9 (download form here) needs to be submitted along with the invoice if it exceeds the $600 per annum total.
  2. All invoices must be submitted prior to payment even if due on receipt and be in compliance with #1 above.

Please make sure the W9 requester block is as follows:, inc.
401 Ryland street, Suite 200-A
Reno, Nevada 89502